Bodeni - 9'0 x 32.5 x 6 (Includes Roller bag, Pump, Fins, Paddle, Leash)

The ideal board for ladies and lighter riders. We designed the Bodeni for everyday paddling and ease of use.

Size: 9'0" x 32" x 6"

Each board comes complete with a wheely carry bag, pump with gauge, 3 piece paddle, repair kit, fin and includes a SUP 10 Coil Ankle Leash.

  • Based on the construction materials and techniques of military-grade inflatable boats
  • Constructed of nylon and PVC
  • Drop-stitch core consists of a top and bottom fabric layer, held together by thousands of nylon "œtethers"
  • The strength of the "œtethers" within the structure allows the cavity to hold high levels of air pressure while maintaining form and rigidity
  • The drop-stitch structure is encased in double layers of seam-welded PVC

Inflatable SUP's are great as you have the best of both worlds in one dynamic package. It is a lightweight, strong board that is easy to transport. On top of that, they are safe for all ages and extremely durable.

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