Bertish Family Seeking the Less Ridden Waves in Indo

August 21, 2019 3 min read

Bertish Family Seeking the Less Ridden Waves in Indo

We all dream of living a life full of adventure… deserted tropical islands with perfect uncrowded waves removed from the daily rush of life! Add to that, having the wife and kids there with you (guilt-free surfing in paradise) and it’s pretty much as good as it gets!

RYD Ambassador (and well-known surf traveler) Greg Bertish did just that. The family (Greg, Tracy and the two boys) packed their bags for more than a month’s travel adventure through Indonesia – seeking the less ridden wave for the whole family.


Where did You Go?

We travelled up north through Bali in our Suzuki minivan. Such a great way to view the island and transport all the boards with the kids. Awesome country roads, local food, mosques, forests, temples, empty beaches, culture and amazing cuisine. 

From there we drove onto a ferry and crossed the Lombok straight, traveling across Lombok with stopping to surf and kite in Ekas and surrounds for a few days. 

Further north we went onto a ferry again to cross over to Sumbawa. In Sumbawa we headed east, surfing and staying in some lesser known areas in the west and along the south. Such perfect points and reefs for the kids and intermediate surfers while still delivering secret slabs and outer reefs for the barrel chasers. 

We surfed undisclosed cliff lined points, just our little family and some friends, for days and then mixed that up with trips to stay and surf at 10-foot scar reef with just a handful of guys out. 

The boys, Kodi (9) and Ryder (7) experienced a whole new world of crazy surf-life and adventure travel – the lesser known!

Bertish Family photo arriving at the airport


What did You Pack?

We took 6 surfboards and a small SUP in our RYD travel bags with lots and lots of RYD accessories - as you can't get much there! It’s always wise to throw in extra leashes and fin sets…


What was the Best RYD Product for Indo?

My 6 mil RYD leash that has handled 3 months of 4-to-8-foot surf in the Mentawai Islands and across Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa.


We’re Dying to Know, Where did You and the Boys Score the Best Waves?

The boys and Tracy just loved Aloha Reef and Grove point on Sumbawa. They are some of the lesser known waves we love to visit and send our friends and clients to. Such hidden gems that will not disappoint!


How Good must Your Kids Surf to be Able to Go?

If you know where to go and chat to Surf Travel Guru before you go, then there are beaches, lodges and waves for all levels of surfing, budgets and family needs. From beautiful tropical beginner beach breaks to epic long points and barreling outer reefs. It will always be worth it.


What was the Funniest Story on the Trip

For the best laughs and to catch the vibe, see all the videos on my Instagram accounts: @surftravelguru @truebluetravel and @gregbertish OR the fact that our 5-hour ferry ride ended up being 10 hours! That is tropical traveling for you – but the long wait was well rewarded.


Let’s Talk Surf Travel Guru, which Places would You Recommend Going to?

Indo has so many islands, beaches and lodges to suit your family and needs! It really is best to design a trip tailor made for your family, your kids ages and surfing abilities. So chat to @surftravelguru …always amped to help and share the Indo surf stoke!

Bertish Beach image in Indonesia


Best Way to Get Around/Transport that Side?

It's Indo and we did it all - planes, cars, busses, ferries, scooters and ox carts.  So, the options are truly vast.

It all depends on where you are and how much you want to spend. 


Best Way to Get Around/Transport that Side?

So many un-surfed epic waves: beautiful bays and lodges not known or seen by the general surfing world. It was magic and so worth it.


What is Your Next Family Surf Destination?

Somewhere in Indonesia! It was such an amazing family time in paradise and an epic adventure. From Bali to the Banyaks, there is something for everyone.


Check out Wavescape newsfor more details on traveling there and RYD’s website for the best gear to take with. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for epic wave-finding stories!

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