Cobbles Classic 2018

September 06, 2018 2 min read

Cobbles Classic 2018

Storm surf and epic times in PE

RYD is super stoked to have been associated with theCobbles Classic as one of the headline sponsors this year. The event ethos and vibe is in line with everything we believe surfing should be - fun and inclusive. The fact that this particular event is all about riding period-inspired equipment makes it all the more special.

Some background

For those who have no idea - the contest is a traditional ‘logging’ event. And, what makes it so unique is that all the boards get checked by the judges. You have to ride a full-on 50s or 60s-style log to be eligible to surf. That means 9’0 and up; no sharp rails (rounded rails, 50/50 rails only); only one single fin (which again, needs to be a logging single fin); and, there are also no leashes allowed.

In line with this, the judging is all based on style and flow, with a big focus on traditional moves.

Riders on the storm

The 2018 instalment was epic! One of (if not the) biggest swells to hit PE in the last 10 years came through on the weekend. Cobbles, the super consistent longboarding wave in the Cape Recife reserve isn’t usually known for handling big surf but the competitors took it on with grace (and no leashes) and there were loads of excellent-range scores posted throughout the weekend.

Organiser, Ryan Anderson, also this year decided to change up the format to make the focus even more about ‘surfing’ rather than winning.

“In an effort to keep this iconic event fresh and true to the roots of surfing, we added a new twist to the format this year,”he said, explaining the idea behind a more ‘sessions’ based event.“Each surfer surfed three sessions throughout the event, with each person’s points being totalled up at the end of the three sessions … The Top 16 surfers then advanced to quarter-final heats. We feel this format will cultivate a more relaxed vibe fitting with the ethos of the event,” he said.

Ryan and his team also added the Turtle Morris Team Event to the Cobbles Classic lineup this year. This division was a huge success at the 2017 Jbay Loggers Classic and will most probably be an annual fixture at Cobbles.

It all worked out really well and the surfers really flourished on the format, with everyone having an epic time, regardless of results. RYD team rider Ryan Lightfoot was one of those.

“Cobbles was really sick,” he said afterwards.“I always enjoy the great waves you get there and yes, the big waves were interesting because I thought it was going to be unsurfable, but the reforms were perfect for nose riding. I really enjoyed it.”

We couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves. Below are some details on the sharp end of the field. We’re already looking forward to next year.  


  • Men: Dean “Porp” Simpson; (2) Sam Christonson; (3) Matt Macleod; (4) Ludi Du Toit
  • Women: (1) Crystal Hullet; (2) Susannah Leigh; (3) Michelle Von Kempen; (4) Caitlyn Broukert
  • The Best Noserider of the event: Dylan Swindale (from CT)
  • Style Master: 12-year-old Levi Mayes (from CT)
  • Surfers Choice: Gregg Clarke

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