RYD with Tori

May 15, 2020 4 min read

RYD with Tori

Find out a little more about our newest Aussie Team Rider!

Vittoria Farmer came into pro surfing via a unique route; and while her path hasn’t followed the traditional trajectory into the competitive arena, it’s been one that has forged the character of a determined, fun-loving and driven young lady.

Tori gave up her initial dream of being a professional gymnast and started surfing at the age of 13. She got her breakthrough result surfing in the U18 Division of the 2015 Australian Titles, where she placed 3rd. The finals berth provided a platform for the pro juniors in 2016, and even after finishing 4th overall on the Australasian rankings that year, Tori started to question her career path.

A year off in 2017 proved to be just the stroke of inspiration she needed. Through the time of self-reflection, she committed herself to training, surfing and working as much as she could. Through the process, not only did her surfing improve out of sight, but the desire to compete also returned in a way that confirmed her goal of one day making the WSL World Championship Tour. Powerful reef breaks and waves of consequence get this 21-year-old excited!

The newfound passion and focus proved deadly in 2018, where Tori travelled to Indonesia and won an unprecedented three WQS events back to back. The victories providing the impetus she needed to climb the rankings high enough to compete in QS6000 events in 2019.

Her commitment to self-fund her travels by working as a lifeguard in her hometown of Noosa, shows she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and work hard.  In fact, she thrives on it, and staying fit and training hard outdoors is now just part of Tori’s weekly regime.

The WSL dream tour-provides locations that suit Tori’s approach to surfing perfectly (showcasing progressive surfing in bigger waves), and this became a driving passion for the young Queenslander.  “There isn’t enough of that going around on the women’s side,” Says Tori matter-of-factly, before making her vision even clearer. “I’d love to change that!”

Vittoria Farmer may have joined pro surfing ranks via a different path, but that’s not to say it was the wrong path.  Her journey has moulded her into the fine young women she is today – a role model that is passionate, focussed and driven... with a cheeky splash of fun on the side.

Going through this process has forged the values and character she relies on when things get tough. And of course, her fearless approach to surfing and natural beauty all contribute to the very things that make Tori Farmer stand out among her peers.

With pro surfing currently on hold around the world, we caught up with Tori to find out a little more about where she lives, what makes her tick and what the perfect week looks like for her and her mates!

You’ve found a new passion for surfing – jumping on different craft etc.  Tell us how this happened and what you’ve been riding/experimenting with?

In any conditions, I’ve usually always stuck to high performance short boards. There are definitely times where you lose some froth when repeatedly aiming for 3 to the beach! I've been largely influenced by my friends around me in Noosa; watching as they constantly switch it up between a longboard, fish, single fin, finless, surf mat - you name it! Curiosity came into play, and since then I’ve been trying to experiment a little more. I find it so impressive when someone can bring a bunch of different boards down the beach and adjust their surfing so seamlessly.

I’ve been riding my 5’2 Twinny. When the points line up, I’ve got this biscuit bonzer (which is the fastest board I have ever surfed). I’ve jumped on a friend’s 6’6 Single fin a few times and I’ve tried out some stretched out old school short board. Of course, a foamy log is an essential on the Sunshine Coast!

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll probably find me mostly on an EPS 5’8 shorty or something similar as I’m still competing on the QS, but I do find it very refreshing jumping on different boards between contests.

In a surfing sense, what brings you the most joy?

There’s something special about getting fun waves with your mates. The surf doesn’t necessarily need to be good, but just being out there having a yarn and a giggle brings a lot of joy.  And going really fast or riding a wave super silky makes me smile too.

Can you describe the Sunshine Coast’s surf vibe? 

The Sunny coast can have long stints of mediocre waves, particularly in the springtime. There are some people you won’t see for months until the waves are good. And then there’s some people who surf everyday no matter what. I’d say it’s pretty diverse, but all round its a good vibe.

You’ve got a fun, tight knit group of friends you hang out and surf with - Can you describe what a perfect fun week in your lives might consist of?

There are some good humans up here! Things are a little different at the moment with all this COVID stuff going on. A lot of us have lost our jobs so we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy in other areas. Our perfect week would include surfing, drinking lots of coffee, hiking the local mountains, and dinner parties with good food and wine.

How would you describe your outlook on life and surfing?

I know it sounds cheesy, but I’ve always liked the motto ‘Work hard, play harder’.

I’ve always had two or three jobs to be able to do the travel that I do.

It really puts it into perspective and I appreciate the experience that little bit more. We only get one life, so I want to make it fun and see as much as I can.

Thanks Tori! We love having you on our team! 

Photo credit: Fenna de King


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