RYD Surfboards Coming Soon...

By now we all know we’re a family brand. You’ve heard us talking for years how everyone’s invited and we don’t like leaving anyone behind. How we’re inspired to be part of your surfing journey, no matter what stage you join our tribe. Well, we’re still that brand and we’re still that family.

But like all families, we’ve grown, and we’ve realised there’s a little gap in our surfboard offering, which might mean a few of you move on once you’ve learned to surf on our softtops. And because we don’t like losing family, we’ve created an option for you to stay. Think of it as us building an extra room on our family house… one you’re always welcome to stay in… say hello to RYD Surfboards!

Hand crafted in South Africa, the RYD surfboard range is an extension of who we are: fun, inclusive and designed to enhance your surfing journey.

There are 4 designs to choose from (fish, minimal, twin pin, longboard and traditional log) and with this colourful range, there’s 2 things we’re confident of!

One. We’ve got the perfect fibreglass board for you to transition to if you’re progressing from a softboard. Two. We’ve got the perfect fun board for you to add to your existing quiver!

You don’t need to surf like a pro to RYD our boards (although we know they stack up), you just need a penchant for fun, a few mates and a couple of waves!

RYD Surfboards. Seriously fun! Available from 7 November 2022.


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