Drone Ranger Soft Top


The Drone Ranger model is an absolute doozy. This is what happens when you crossbreed a Jack Russell with a Labrador. What you get is a board that is fun, energetic, unpredictable, fast, loose, and kinda loyal... although it could just run off without you. With its five fin set up (run it as a thruster or quad), it'll give you multiple options to tear around at your local. Pick your pedigree between the 5'2 (31.6 liters), 5'6 (35.3 liters), and 6'0 (40.7 liters)

The extra volume, coupled with a fairly flat rocker will see you racing along those flat sections with ease and you'll find that speed generation will come naturally.  As far as fun factor is concerned, this one is near the top of the pile!

Also a good option to transition from after learning to surf before hitting a regular short board. The width and volume will help you catch heaps of waves, and the size and regular fins will give you the opportunity to hook into a few turns.

Fin box: Five fin, one-tab boxes

Fins:  Set of plastic fins supplied or UPDGRADE to the RYD Shreds Quad fins.

Construction: EPS Foam core, carbon fibre stringer, slick bottom 

Need to understand volume?  Find all specs and a rundown here.

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