Good Good Vibes TWIN/KEEL- Honeycomb

GOOD GOOD VIBES - honeycomb*.

Made to suit the traditional fish/twin fin shapes, this fuller keel shaped fin with an upright (pivot) profile and large base, will give you all the forward momentum you need when coupled with your favourite fish.  The small cutaway shaped in the bottom rear of the fin also adds more release through your turns. This is a traditional shaped twin fin, for your traditionally shaped fish.

*Our Layback Range is made of a full honeycomb construction. So what is this honeycomb we keep talking about? It's a hexagonal shaped foam that sits inside the core of the fin, which is then glassed in with resin. Because less resin is used, honeycomb fins are generally lighter, and we already know they offer more flex.  And more flex equals more whip. And more whip equals more stoke!

Height: 5.07 Inch
Base: 6.65 Inch
Area: 25.53 Inch
Foil: Flat

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