True 3 Piece Traction


The TRUE range delivers a great all-round pad and has our highest tail kick at 27mm. The arch bar weighs in at 4mm wide and 5mm high giving this superstar immediate broad appeal. Add to it the colour block design with highlight trim and you're looking at the most popular all-round pad in our range. Choose from Square Cut or Diamond Dot groove.

  • 3 Piece
  • 5mm thick
  • Width 310mm x Height 330mm
  • Tail Kick: Length 55mm x Height 27mm
  • Arch bar: Height 7mm x Width 60mm x Length 150mm

SQUARE CUT GROOVE - Thickness, 5mm

Our most durable traction pattern has been designed to last under the most rigorous use. For the heavy-footed surfer that is looking for unfaltering traction but also likes the comfort of a soft cushion-like pad - this design is a luxurious workhorse that will last as long as your board!

DIAMOND DOT GROOVE - Thickness - 3mm

Slightly thinner than our regular patterns, this design has been developed with performance in mind. Tested around the globe by WSL Championship tour surfer, Caio Ibelli, the addition of the micro dot to the vertically positioned diamond groove ensures maximum grip with an even closer connection to your board, making it truly the F1 fabrication of our range.

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